A6 Productivity Power Pad
A6 Productivity Power Pad
A6 Productivity Power Pad
A6 Productivity Power Pad
A6 Productivity Power Pad
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A6 Productivity Power Pad

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Super boost your productivity with this handy A6 notepad. The motivational mini desk pad comes with 100 easy-tear pages and a thick cardboard backing.

Organize your to-do list into the "have to-dos" and "nice to dos" and challenge yourself to complete a bonus task for the ultimate productivity power-up!

Keep on track by setting yourself a deadline in the 'get it done by' box, whether it's an hour, a day, a week, or a month! And then sum up how you did in the tracker.

Small but mighty, this little A6 notepad will soon become your go-to productivity booster.

The A6 notepad includes:

- 'Get it done by' section giving you a deadline to work to

- 'Have to-do' section for your top 3 priorities

- 'Nice to-do' section for 6 more tasks you'd love to get done

- 'Bonus box' section - tick this task off and you're a productivity pro! 

- 'My productivity level' tracker so you can sum up how you did

A6 Productivity Power Pad specs:

- Size: A6 (10.5cm wide x 14.8cm high)

- 100 easy tear pages (90gsm)

- Cardboard backing sheet (300gsm)


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