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Welcome to Inky in the Wild - the home of super cute stationery, prints, and gifts.

The UK-based small business is run by me, Jen (hello!), a self-confessed stationery addict and organisation-obsessed doodler!

I started out my creative career working in design agencies, eventually working my way up to Design Director, this gave me a great foundation and I got to work with some big name clients, however, I always dreamed of a more simple and stress-free work life. Days doodling with my dog curled up at my feet was my idea of heaven. Then, in 2014, in need of some extra money for our upcoming wedding, I started a small Etsy shop selling prints and handmade notebooks. Little did I know that this would be the start of something big…

Over the next four years, I worked tirelessly to build the brand, working late into the evening, making and packing orders from the dining room table. Finally, with a new house came a studio space, and that’s when the real fun began. The business started to take off and it got to a point where the “side hustle” was demanding almost as much time as the day job. It soon became clear I couldn’t do both. So, with a little encouragement from my ever-supportive husband. I handed in my notice and jumped into the (slightly terrifying) world of self-employment. 

Fast-forward a couple of years and Inky in the Wild is now the small business I’d always dreamed of. Packed full of organisation boosting stationery, personalised prints, super cute gifts, and greetings cards to make you giggle. And yes, Izzy our dog has taken well to the role of curling up under the desk!

The name comes from my love of doodling (getting inky fingers), and being outdoors (in the wild!) This life-long love of nature also means sustainability is always at the forefront of my mind. That’s why you’ll find all our products are made from and packed in eco-friendly materials whenever possible. All our products are designed in-house, and a lot of them are produced here too, keeping waste at a minimum. We’re also proudly plastic-free, using biodegradable and compostable wrappers to keep our products safe on their journey to you.  

We’re proud to be growing our list of small business stockists both here in the UK and worldwide, if you’re interested in stocking Inky in the Wild, please see here for more information on our wholesale catalogue.

None of this would be possible without the support of our lovely customers (like you!). When you shop small, you really do make a big difference as every order helps support our family. Especially as our team grew by one more in 2021 as we welcomed our baby girl, Mila. We’re all very excited for this next chapter and we hope you enjoy coming along for the ride. 

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Our studio hours are Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

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